128 Corral

Since there are fewer 128s left in the world than 124s and X1/9s, and the 128s seem far less appreciated and represented, the 128 Corral has been created as a place to gather them all together and let them shine in their own glory! Everyone's welcome to display their 128 here, no matter what condition. If you would like to have your car displayed here, send e-mail to Courtney Waters courtney@mirafiori.com

The Corral has been a bigger success than I had ever imagined! Due to the increasing number of cars on display here, I have had to break it down into several categories to keep the page loading at a decent speed.

On with the show!

Sedans & Wagons Coupes & 3Ps 128 Derivatives
128 Sedans 128 Coupes & 3Ps 128 Derivatives

This page last updated: February 18, 2005.

Courtney Waters courtney@mirafiori.com

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