Bogdan Gajewski's 1978 Zastava 1100 P

  • 1116cc SOHC 9.2:1 Compression (Standard in Zastava 1100 & Fiat 128 Sport 3p)
  • Weber 32 ICEV 10 Carb
  • 55 KM (hp)

  • 4-speed (Standard)

  • Standard 128

  • 155/70-R13

  • Front Disc from Fiat Cinqecento/Seicento (Sporting) + Polish Fiat 125p is the same as orginal 128
  • Rear Drum from Fiat 126p BIS/Cinqecento/Seicento (Sporting) is the same as orginal 128

  • Orginal color orange, Repainted in 1997 to cherry. Paint number (L80)
  • Fog Lamps
  • Front Lights from Fiat 126/127 with 110/90 W Xenon Bulbs
  • Back-up Lamp (White), Rear Fog Lamp (Red) from Fiat 126p

  • Original
  • Steering Wheel from Zastava 1100 Mediteran (The same like Fiat 128 Sport 3p)

    My second car (red Zastava 1100 P) history began in 1996, when I bought the car body. In Poland the car body could be bought as a spare car part (but it was very complicated and hard to buy). I'm setting an example: when the car had very serious accident, and the other car parts were in good conditions you could take them to brand new body. I was working on this car more than 2 years to put it in an actual state. I finished it in 1998. I assembled this car from brand new and used car spare parts (from my first '76 car) This car is not an old restored car !!!). At the present it looks like brand new car, althought I drive with it everyday to work.

    Bogdan Gajewski

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