honda seats in a Fiat (of any sort), anyone ever done something so crass?

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honda seats in a Fiat (of any sort), anyone ever done something so crass?

Post by cgranju » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:12 pm

I have an opportunity to pick up a set of seats from a '95 Honda civic (EX trim, if that means anything...they look like they have decent bolstering, but may be wide in most Fiats) super cheap. In fact, they may be cheap enough that they could end up almost free if someone wanted to buy the rear seat from me. Anyone here tried such a crass idea on their Fiat? I was tentatively thinking this may be an option for such otherwise Italian Fiats as a 124 Sedan, a 128 wagon or a 124 Coupe (the coupe, surely being far too sensitive to seat height). Anyone want to talk me down from this ledge?

oh, before anyone asks the obvious, for logistical reasons I likely wouldn't have a chance to simply look at the seats in person & measure them til this weekend or something and the seller is apparently challenged to be able to measure them & message me some dimensions. Of course, that fact alone is usually enough for me to say to hell with it...
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