Yes, another cross member to frame thread

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Yes, another cross member to frame thread

Post by whitehause » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:20 am

So I found this when removing all the suspension parts. Not terrible, but the questions is.....

Has anyone bought and installed a new frame section (as pictured ) and replaced this whole section? The main reason I ask is it looks like on top of the rust, it may be bent a little. The new frame piece isn't all that expensive at $235.00, and I'm a fair welder with a tig.

Assuming I fix the existing, what's the go to method? Cut and install tubes welded to new plate sections and butt welded back into the frame top and bottom, or cut an opening in the side, remove the capture tab install new bolts and capture tab, and weld the plate back on the side?

Of course one bolt on the good side won't come out either, so I'll have to do this to both sides :x
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