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A new stupid question

Post by cstorry » Wed Feb 24, 1999 6:56 pm

From: Chuck Storry
Email: storry@sympatico.ca
Subject: A new stupid question
Date: 919911408
Poster: cstorry
I'm a new guy too. Got brave and posted something a few days ago
then saw it disappear off to previous screen (I only show 50
messages at a time - I thought of a 2nd stupid question).

Q1. Can I set preferences or something so that I can see stuff
chronologically rather than by thread. By thread is useful but if
the thread started a week ago it and all its responses are on
previous pages ?

Q2. the reason I only look at 50 messages/headers is that it
takes a long time to download them and they download oldest
first, i.e. the ones I've already seen. So I have to wait for all
the old ones to download before I get the new messages (of course
subject to the threading treatment of chronology). Can I set
preferences to download the newest first (ideally unthreaded) ?


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Re: A new stupid question

Post by sobrien » Thu Feb 25, 1999 8:08 am

From: Scott O'Brien
Subject: Re: A new stupid question
Date: 919958912
Poster: Sobrien
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Have you chosen only to show unread? You still get the whole
thread if something new has been added but it does cut down
somewhat on the number of messages.

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