Getting Into the Yugo Game!

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Getting Into the Yugo Game!

Post by Shadoobie » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:03 am

Hey everyone, I came across an '87 Yugo GV and an '88 GVL on Craigslist for dirt cheap and I couldn't help but buy them. The GV is in great shape, with a near perfect interior and rust limited to a dime-sized hole in the driver's side fender. The engine is well-maintaned as well, with all vacuum lines and emissions systems intact and functional from the looks of it. I started it up today and it runs like a top, though the PO had some issue with the instrument cluster and decided to remove it and the dash to deal with it. As a result, half of the gauges aren't functional; however, there's no evidence of any tampering with the wiring anywhere, so I'm hopeful. I haven't looked in depth at the GVL, but i can say that it's in slightly better shape and retains its Yugo branded radio, tool kit, hubcaps, and even an A/C system! I own a '74 X1/9 so I'm familiar with the 128 series engine, but I've never encountered a Yugo before. As a 20-year-old with no reservations going in, I'm impressed by these scrappy little cars. They're rudimentary for their time and have an air of cost-cutting about them, but as a classic i think they're hard to beat for the money. I'm surprised by how well-engineered they feel, being something of a mash up of a Fiat 127 and a 128 with some custom stuff thrown in. The main bother to me at the moment is reference literature. I can't find any information like wiring diagrams, emission control info, or carb diagrams. If anyone could give me a source for these things, give me some idea of problems I should be worried about, or even just share your thoughts on Yugos in general, please feel free.
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Re: Getting Into the Yugo Game!

Post by lanciahf » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:14 am

Welcome to the group, Jay at can probably help with manuals. Also XWEB is a great source for SOHC Fiats.
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Re: Getting Into the Yugo Game!

Post by cjwaters » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:23 pm

Welcome to the FWD fold! I haven't owned any Yugos yet but have been deep into 128s for many years. Definitely fun rides and easy to maintain. Parts sourcing is more and more interesting but the usual mechanical bits are generally readily available since they came from the Fiat parts bin. I had junkyard Yugo drums on my Rally for a while (to fit into an autocross class).

If you have thick enough skin to handle the Yugo jokes, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Or just get some Zastava badging to throw people off ;)

I don't have any Yugo literature to share unfortunately, but will provide whatever help I can.
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Re: Getting Into the Yugo Game!

Post by andy » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:54 pm

Yugos are an unapprciated step-child...LOL

I have an 88 GVX, and really enjoyed driving the car until it got parked a few years ago. Funny coincidence I actually moved it (under it's own power) yesterday. THe car was parked for a brake problem. Master cylinder went out, and I was never able to get the brakes bled. About a year ago I put a new M/C on the car but still had issues bleeding the barkes, yesterday when I moved it I was very excited to note that I had brakes! Not good enough for on the road use, but it is a step in the right direction.

Maybe I'll get the beast back on the road!
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