85 Pininfarina

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Re: 85 Pininfarina

Post by cstorry » Sat Mar 06, 1999 7:08 pm

From: Chuck Storry
Email: storry@sympatico.ca
Subject: Re: 85 Pininfarina
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john buss wrote:
: I hope someone with more resources than I will buy this rare
: in Hemmings Motor News feb 99' issue:1985 spyder black with
: leather. 48,000 miles, mint condition, 1 of 186
: produced,...10,500$$$$ ph:402-451-8019, Omaha NE. or try
: www.Hemmings.com I'm hoping that someone that will appreciate
: such a rare classic will buy this instead of some collector
: will just "sit" on it in hopes that his investment will go up.

I've spoken to the guy. Sounds like a great car. He sent me the
list Pininfarina published identifying the 186 produced according
to NA standards. Of course close to 1500 were actually made in
1985. But still 1 of 1500 (and dwindling ?) is still pretty rare.
I'm still looking for that Spider Volumex and why not wish for an
85 while I'm at it (only 500 ? Vx's made in 85). Seems like they
are all in Germany.


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Re: 85 Pininfarina :Chuck

Post by fiatspider » Sat Mar 06, 1999 7:26 pm

From: Thad
Email: fiatspider@usa.net
Subject: Re: 85 Pininfarina :Chuck
Date: 920777211
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So Chuck,
Where does # 5511500 land on the list for NA?

-Thad Kirk
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Thad Kirk
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