OTAS #71 on San Diego CL

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OTAS #71 on San Diego CL

Post by fiat850 » Mon May 15, 2017 5:10 am

1971 Fiat 850 OTAS #71. Not mine, just spotted the ad the other day on the San Diego Craigslist:
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1971 Fiat OTAS #0071

Purchased in 2005 with 64K miles, now has 80K. At that time the 1000 cc engine was rebuilt with a 74 mm. Abarth crank and Abarth dual tip exhaust. The OTAS has a clean non-salvage California Title.

Overall, it is a very nice completely drivable car that needs some cosmetic attention. I have tried to list all issues but would prefer buyer to check car out in person.


Paint is okay with normal dings, scratches &some bubble rust along with a little front end damage.
• Front plastic bumper is missing
• Motor for oscillating headlights is not working, but they can be raised and lowered manually.


Needs a complete interior restoration...yet totally functional as it is.

• No radio
• Floors panels are solid with two small holes at the back of the driver's seat
• Driver side outside door latch broken, need to open with latch inside
• Tach works intermittently

Tires and wheels:

• Original Alloy wheels with Westgate tires (185/70R 13) in good shape. Two of the wheels are missing one lug nut as they were stolen. No spare wheel or tire.


• The engine starts easily with a few pumps of the pedal and once warmed up drives like a dream. It accelerates briskly and revs freely. It handles super and tracks straight as an arrow. Transmission is spot on with no crunching or other issues. At 6,000 rpm's in third gear it sounds like a baby Ferrari. The car is capable of breaking the 100 mph mark & there are no overheating issues.
• New battery and carb
• Has a minute coolant leak that I cannot locate and fluid has to be added occasionally. That being done, over heating is never an issue.
Jeff Stich
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