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Post by JTBernhardt » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:16 pm

I've got a free 1976(ish?) X1/9 I need to get rid of in the next two weeks. It was bought for a few parts for my '74. There is no title or Vin number so it can't be registered for street use. It would make a great start for a lemons racer or a donor shell for a rusty X. The body is in decent enough shape. A few dents, but little to no rust. The interior is pretty stripped. The dash and seats are missing. The engine is present, but seized. The head is inside the car. The 4speed is also still there. The tires are mostly flat and don't hold air. The bumpers and engine cover have been removed as well as a few other things. If no one comes to get it soon I'll have to cut it up and scrap it.

It's located in Foresthill, CA.
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