77 X Parts car $1,500

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77 X Parts car $1,500

Post by friedman » Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:03 am

Most of you have read here about my two Xs that were wrecked in front of my house.

I have decided to try and sell the 77 as a parts car rather than part it out (Ed you can have the side marker lights!). I just don't have the time or energy to part that car out at the moment so if I can't sell it as a parts car it will be hauled off to my secret storage area and sit for six months or so till I revisit what to do with it. Car is titled.

This is a 77 X that is mostly stock with the exception of a hopped up 1500 motor. The car will come with at title but I don't see how you could get it back on the road so I view it as a parts car with a lot of nice stuff on it. What's it got:
1500 motor with HC pistons, header, 34 DATR and electronic ignition. Allegedly a 1600 but I have no paperwork or evidence to prove that. New timing belt and tensioner last year.
4-speed in excellent condition.
Perfect cooling system with good radiator, new thermostat and SS tank
Brakes completely gone through with four rebuilt calipers, new rotors. EBC green pads, SS lines, new MC . New E-brake cables.
four scruffy iron crosses, just need painting, rim edges are good, and four new Federal 595 SS tires.
Almost new KYB struts and cut springs (one coil).
Rebuilt alternator
Replacement gas tank in perfect condition.
Rebuilt pedal assembly with new brake and clutch MC and supply hoses. All reservoirs in great shape.
Halogen headlights, previous owner seems to have installed relays.
Rebuilt heater assembly (non-AC).
Interior in fair shape, the key is the two seats are in great shape. Dash has several cracks. Door cards OK, carpet OK but scruffy under pedals.
Engine cover and side panels in great shape, rear trunk lid good, passenger door good, driver door probably bent too much to use. I cut down the railroad track bumpers to a single rail and collapsed the tubes. Early grill in good shape and metal spoiler in good shape.

Bottom line is everything worked and looked pretty good. This would make a great kit for some one with a "barn find" that needed everything above gone through....just like I spent the last year doing on this car.

I WILL NOT BE PARTING OUT THIS CAR AT THIS TIME SO DON'T EVEN ASK (except for the side marker lights for Ed!).

Car is currently located in Northern Virginia but in a month or two it will be located in a secret location in Maryland.

You can ask questions here but please make any offers or counter offers via email or private message. I have lots of pictures both pre and post accident.

This is a cross post from my ad on the Xweb.
Carl in Virginia
75 spider
83 Bertone
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