Wednesday night at Mickey Ds

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Wednesday night at Mickey Ds

Post by AZRuss124 » Thu May 11, 2017 11:13 am

I noticed a few months ago, a weekly gathering of hot rods at the McDonalds just down the street. Decided to check it out. A small gathering 20-30 cars. Turns out to be a Sun City car club outing. I'm not a member, but nobody seems to care. I've gone 3 times now and have all been great fun. 20 of the 30 cars are regulars and it is an odd assortment of cars. Such as a hand built what can only be described as a model A indy car. Sun city offers the residence an interesting assortment of activities including a metal and wood working shop. Since Sun City is a retirement town, lots of old guys with a ton of car history under their belts. Great conversation and the fiat gets lots of attention. Their seems to be more sports cars showing up as well. Had a nice clean TR-6 show up last night. Had an MGB and 240Z the last time I was there. other cars include a 56 golden hawk with a factory Packard motor, 54 Lincoln, 48 Merc, dune buggy, XJS, super bug, 71 Malibu the made the earth shake when he left. 54 chevy pick-up, etc. Sorry, no pics.
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