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Terms of Service

Post by bartigue » Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:07 pm

Use of any resource on mirafiori.com is subject to our terms of service.

Terms of Service
"The Rules of the Road"

Mirafiori is not a common carrier, in that the server is privately owned and maintained.

This machine, and this resource, is the end result of literally thousands of combined man hours, and thousands of dollars that have been funneled into the creation and maintenance of this site. The Fiat Page, including its administrators and moderators, cannot be responsible for the interactive content presented here, as it is submitted by thousands of readers in real time.

Article I- Access Rights: Accessing resources on Mirafiori, whether via FTP, HTTP, or SMTP is a privilege, not a right. The Fiat Page reserves exclusive rights to restrict access to this resource for any reason, without formal justification. Expending excessive resources on this Site, be they in actual machine cycles or administrative overhead, can be considered abuse. Abuse of this system will result in an informal inquiry by the System operator, and may result in restricted access to this resource.

Article II- Conduct: Your conduct on this site is very important. You represent your Club Affiliations, your Business, and your capability as a Mirafiori Citizen when you post messages to our Forum section. It is expected that you show courtesy and respect toward other Citizens, respect 'common-sense' guidelines regarding the frequency and content of your posts, and take any difficulties you have with other Citizens to private email, or in the most extreme case, notify the Forum Administrator at forum@mirafiori.com.

Aggressive behavior, slanderous posts, or multiple 'flood' posts that injure another Citizen's reputation or ability to enjoy this common resource will be considered abuse.

We value freedom of expression but we do not guarantee free speech:

Mirafiori.com values freedom of expression on the site but we do not guarantee the right to free speech. We believe our community will thrive when there is freedom to present what you want, but not at the expense of others. A Mirafiori Citizen is not allowed to post or transmit comments of a purely political or religious nature or designed to further ones political or religious view over another. Posts of this nature may be deleted without prior notice by Forum management.

Article III- Commercial use: Citizens are allowed to use the Forum for personal communications at length, and at will. When presenting items for sale, it is asked that you mention your physical location (roughly), so that local Enthusiasts can gauge Shipping costs/etc. If you offer an item for sale/wanted, please encourage that responses be sent to you directly if they are only concerning the item at hand.

Subsection- Vendors: Those in the business of selling Parts full-time can be considered Vendors. Vendors are inherently no different than any Citizen, save for the fact that they buy and sell parts for a living, where most enthusiasts simply consume parts for their own purposes, and possibly trade unused bits on the Forum. Vendors are asked to pay special care to our 'Terms of Service' and also asked to use common sense as they utilize our resource. Vendors are in a unique position to not only share years of experience, but also to offer hard parts that might assist the Enthusiast in their goal of a solid car.

Article IV- This site: Mirafiori is maintained by a group of highly-dedicated Fiat Enthusiasts, and we all work for free. It is the philosophy of this site that we are all equals, regardless of profession or skill level, and our love of the CARS is what binds us. Any like-minded Reader is welcome to post, on any subject, as this is still a free resource.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for taking the time to read the Rules Of The Road.
Brad Artigue
1969, 1969, 1970, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, and 1982 124 Spiders
1969, 1970 850 Spiders
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