Oddities of years of merged data

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Oddities of years of merged data

Post by bartigue » Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:24 pm

Some background: there were at least two iterations of the old mirafiori forum and a third, quasi-iteration of archives. This resulted in three epochs of messages. If you are searching around and find that occasionally a topic or post seems a bit odd, here's some explanation:

Old forum messages were all text and there was an option to quote replies in the messages. Some of the posts you see may have, in their text, the content of prior messages. This is an accurate reflection of how the data was stored - and it was simply too much clean-up to parse the text files and clean out the reply data. The risk of losing meaningful data was too high, the inconvenience factor too low. This issue can affect all messages prior to August, 2016.

Archive messages, those removed from the old forum and converted to the archive format, contain a header in text along with the text body. Therefore you'll see some extra data at the top of the messages.

Archive messages between 2014 and 2015 may overlap non-archive messages. Duplicates may exist. No big deal.

User names changed sometimes in the old forum, which creates a bit of an inconsistency in posts at times. In other words you may know an old post was yours but it doesn't "count" under your post count, because it's really assigned to some other user ID. This is how, in some cases, we forced sets to load. Affects very few posts.
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