Change in guest access rules and the library

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Change in guest access rules and the library

Post by bartigue » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:32 pm

You may have noticed prior to logging in that the forum content is available to guests in a read only mode. This is how the old forum worked and it makes it easier for sites to index the content (a good thing). The library is not available to guests, for a variety of reasons including many sites scour the internet for PDF files to download and then re-sell at a profit to unwitting folks. By hiding the library these losers can't get to the content, and at least we won't contribute to this kind of scam. Also the downloads create a strain on the server, minor, but a strain indeed and one we don't care to give to those who do not contribute.

As always if you have content for the library shoot any of the admins, moderators, etc. a PM.


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