Brake Booster Delete(?)

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Re: Brake Booster Delete(?)

Post by Bedilion » Thu May 17, 2018 5:27 pm

I tried to set my wagon up for dual DCOEs.
The front brakes were updated to size huge, with 4 piston calipers, they worked great!
Then I removed the booster and drove with the 2 barrel weber on my 1608.
There was no more stopping power, whatsoever. Even in 5mph commute traffic I was scared shitless.
Before I put the booster back on, I jigged up the manifold and carbs to see how they would kinda fit.
No way. Using a Rimto dual weber manifold, (same as a GC shorty manifold) and dual Mikuni 40s, they would conflict with
just the master cyl, minus booster..
Then we tried the old hot rodder's trick, mount a CLUTCH master cyl and run a hydraulic connection to a slave cyl attached to the booster/master cyl, in a remote location.
Even with just a CLUTCH master cyl mounted on the firewall, the rear carb hit it. Mind you, the Mikunis are 1.5" shorter than DCOE.
Then I tried mounting the CLUTCH master cyl on top of the pedal cluster, (dash removed), and had it facing backwards with a "shark fin" actuator welded on top of the clutch lever. After hours of fitting and clashing, I threw in the towel.
Just too many things that can go wrong, not enough room, and a brake booster with master cyl. living in the space where the glove box was.
The only ones who get to pull this set up off are the Britts, with their right hand drive. With that being said, it might be easier to convert to RHD to achieve dual side drafts and booster.
FYI, the sedans/wagons use a different booster than spider (smaller) and it bolts up to an adapter plate that is also different. Very easy to install a spider booster with adapter flange.
Enter the IDFs. SB
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Re: Brake Booster Delete(?)

Post by SimcaBertone66 » Fri May 18, 2018 8:00 am

I used a Tilton pedal assembly allowing the booster to be eliminated, cockpit mounted brake bias adjuster and a hydraulically actuated clutch as well. All it takes is time and $$$ ...
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Re: Brake Booster Delete(?)

Post by fiatrn » Sat May 19, 2018 1:48 am

Doesn't the Scorpion/Montecarlo have a remote brake booster?

To go whole hog, nab a late model Lancia head that's reverse ported, and run the carbs off the right side of the engine, then buildyourself a custom exhaust...

Or just buy a set of IDFs. They work great.
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Re: Brake Booster Delete(?)

Post by atruscott » Sun May 20, 2018 12:03 pm

I've already got IDFs running in other cars (both 40s on a 125 code, and 44s on a 132 code intake). This particular car right now is running a 38ADL on a single plane intake - which is an incredible carb by itself. I'm just musing on going the extra mile and fitting the DCOEs. I've sourced and acquired a dual circuit remote servo which can go on if I'm not happy with the no booster set up.
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