78 -00 Spider parts (maybe older)

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78 -00 Spider parts (maybe older)

Post by MrBlimp » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:29 pm


Would like these to be pick up only in Catskill mountains NY 10 miles south of Hunter Mountain.

Closest shipping would be from Kingston, NY and buyer would incur all fees including an extra handling charge for me to drive the 30 miles to get there.

Send me a PM and I can email pictures of anything you are interested in.

Here's what I have decided I want to sell so far:
Item #1- Heater box, console, cables, etc... Asking $150.00 for all (both sides of black plastic box, cables to the console levers, the levers, and the console level cover bezel)

Item #2- Clutch/Brake pedal assembly. Asking $100.00 (the tower and all related parts)

Item #3- Large bulge hood/bonnet In very good shape. Asking $200.00 (Has two paint chips about the size of a quarter each)

Item #4- Wiper Cowl. Asking $150.00. One of the back corners (near windshield end) has a slight bend. No motor or wiper arm mechanics.

Item #5- Center console (in poor shape). Make me an offer.

I have a few other items but haven't inventoried them yet.
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