X1/9 master cylinder question

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X1/9 master cylinder question

Post by rss719 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:00 pm

Might someone have an X1/9 master cylinder sitting around that they could take some measurements of for me? I was a long time FIAT guy years ago (forgot my mirafiori ID and password and have had about 5 emails since) and am working on a project that needs a frame/side mounted master cylinder, 3/4 ID and remote reservoirs. X1/9 might be just right but I'm wondering if anyone can measure the bolt holes, not just center to center but the measurements on both the horizontal and vertical plane. My memory and looking at pictures online tell me it is something like 1 1/4 vert. and 1 1/2 horiz. Does anyone have on laying around they would be kind enough to measure? Thanks in advance
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