Fiat 130 Coupe & Sedan

Photos, Rust information provided by Daniel Floreani, of Australia.

The 130 was a interesting car. We never saw them here in North America, but Daniel was kind enough to send us photos of his Coupe, and the Sedan that was unfortunately wrecked. The Blue Coupe belongs to his Uncle.

I've been doing some reading on this model, and this is the best synopsis I can come up with. For those readers that are more familiar with this aspect of Ferrari/Fiat history, I can only ask you to mail in your information, so I can better improve this section.

It seems that in the late 1960's, Ferrari needed a builder to produce/homologate their V6 engine. Fiat had already agreed to take over the responsibility of Ferrari's Road Car production, and marketing, and the V6 engine appears to have been a collaborative project. The Fiat Dino Coupe & Spider models got the chain-driven DOHC engines, and these were enough to homologate the engine for competition, and Ferrari's purposes. This engine was a 2.8l, DOHC design (4 total), and used chains to drive the cams.

In 1969 Fiat decided to produce a luxury sedan, which they called the 130. They put a 2.8l V6 unit in the car, which was loosely based on the Dino V6 (see furthur info below). This V6 was belt, rather than chain driven, and had only one camshaft per bank. The 130 Sedan was only produced from 1969-71, and had limited sales success.

In 1972, the Pininfarina 130 Coupe was released, and was sold from 1972-1977. This is the model that captures our eye the most, and is probably the most desired of the 130 series. According to Great Marques of Italy, the Coupe got a 3.2l version of the SOHC V6 installed in the Sedans.
I am looking for production figures on these cars, and additional details- Please mail in if you have any information that might supplant the research I did for this article!

Ask and ye shall recieve! Geir Birkeland has done quite a bit of research on the 130 models, and sent me a long & informative Email on the subject. Read Geir's comments for a more in-depth look at the history.

And now, Daniel's photos!

First, we have shots of the Silver Coupe.

Also, there is the Blue Coupe.

My personal favorite is the Sedan.

Daniel included a shot of the 130 Interior. This one is being worked on. I'm still trying to unravel what batch of parts Fiat used when they built this car, looks like Beta instruments, some 128 parts, and ??

Lastly, we have a picture of the 130 Coupe Engine Bay that might be interesting to some.

I hope these photos have been enjoyed. For those lucky few of us that happen to own 130 Coupes, Daniel has even included information on the problem rust areas on these cars.

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