[A] Isolated Rust, Spare Tire Well (Left Side)- Fix Pending.

[B] Behind the wheel is a panel that is tacked on with a rubber seal, this is useless and causes many problems, I have welded in a full panel and covered it with rust paint, and plenty of bitumen paint.....

[C] and [D] The water form the rear window doesn't always get to the ground ( see E) and gets trapped in these areas causing rust. Basically I have made it easier for this water to get out.
Daniel stresses that this drain needs to be checked carefully, as it causes multiple problems!

[E] The water catching area below the window gets debris caught in it trapping water and blocking the drain pipe. I have cleaned this, replaced it with a fibreglass liner, and will replace the brush window seals with rubber ones.

[F] The water from the upper half of the body drains into this channel. the drains from this channel to the outside world get blocked and because of the defects in B get full of dirt (I mean full) this dirt must be removed. I cut holes into the channel from the inside and made an attachment to a vacuum cleaner to get right down the channel. Then I applied heaps of fish oil to get into the metal.....

[G] Caused by water gathering in the tail light area, the drain must be cleaned and the seals improved.

These comments come directly from Daniel. If you have 130 questions, then he is your authority. Mail him at daniel@spri.levels.unisa.edu.au and I'm certain that he can get your issues resolved. Remember, here at the Fiat Page we have never even seen a 130 in the flesh!

I am thankful to Daniel for taking the time to scan these shots & send them to us.

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