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Wrench Clutch FAQ Received Wed, 24 Jun 1998 from Bill Shaw
Wrench IDF FAQ Received Wed, 15 Jul 1998 from Mike Richmond
Wrench Clutch FAQ from various contributors.
DOHC Cylinder Head ID numbers (Make and Model info) Pete Angel
Wrench Twin Cam Performance Mods FAQ (PDF) Received Sat, 11 Nov 2001 from Brad Artigue
Wrench The Second Edition of Bradley's excellent work! (PDF) Received July 2004:
Wrench Bradley Artigue's quality Fiat Spider Fuel Injection Article (PDF) Received May 2002:
Wrench Throttle FAQ Received Tue, 20 Aug 2002 from Mark Eversoll: X1/9
Wrench Dual Point modification for the Fiat 124 TwinCam engine Thad Kirk Received Feb. 2002
Wrench Swapping a 131 transmission into a 124 Matt Webb
Received Oct 7, 2005
Wrench 124 Suspensions, cooling systems, disk brakes, and timing belt replacement
Wrench 124 Installing a Bosch internal regulator alternator on the exhaust side from Matt Webb
Wrench 124 Tming Belt FAQs with a lot of good info from Al Williams
124 Tips on upgrading your alternator including that charging light by Csaba Vandor
Wrench 124 Transmission Manual (HTML) Ken Dickson
Guy Croft on DOHC overheating Guy Croft
Guy Croft on DOHC Spark Plug Selection Guy Croft
Guy Croft on DHOC use of Unleaded Gas and Valve Guide theroy Guy Croft
Wrench Repairing the Oil Pump in a Spider With the Engine Still In the Car. Received July 14, 2006 by Brian Burke
Wrench Bleeding The Spider Cooling system Received July 14, 2006 by Brian Burke
Aluminum Radiator Conversion for the 124 Received Sept. 8, 2006 by Richard Ridge
Air Conditioning Installation / Conversion for the 124 spider Received August, 2006 by Mike Tiufekchiev
DOHC Weber 38 ADL Conversion Received 12/28/2006 by Ralph DeLauretis
Wrench DOHC insitu remove and replacing 2 L Oilpan by Eric McCann
Exhaust Flange Gasket Leaking Quick Tip from George Beaumont
Wrench Engine flush kit from Bryan Burke submitted 10/28/2007
Wrench PBS Engineering on the Fiat Lancia DOHC Racing Engine 11/28/2007
PBS Engineering on the X1/9 Fiat 128 Racing Engine submitted 11/28/2007

The articles published here are the personal experiences of the Mirafiori members submitting them. They are not meant to be a complete or comprehensive guide to doing any of the projects. Mirafiori provides this information in the interest of giving you an overview of the complexity of the project to determine if you want to attempt it yourself. Details such as procedures, part numbers, and methods may vary from model to model year.

If you decide to attempt any modification outlined here you do so at your own risk and are advised to research your project carefully. Use all safety methods available to protect yourself, and seek out the help and advise of a qualified mechanic if you have any questions about any of the procedures outlined in the article.

Mirafiori can not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle or person as a result of this information.

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